Gallup astonished: Latest survey shows President Trump tying the highest approval ratings of his presidency

By Dave Andrusko

We talked yesterday about not being caught up with “who’s ahead” between pro-life President Donald Trump and pro-abortion former Vice President Joe Biden but rather to focus on the essentials.

Today, in spite of every attempt by Jeffrey M. Jones to minimize the significance, Gallup reported that President Trump’s approval rating tied for the highest of his presidency—49%–while 47% disapproved—the second lowest.

In addition to the 49% approval number itself, there are four other key components of the survey. (I am hugely indebted to a very shrewd analysis by Jazz Shaw of

#1. Shaw writes, “Digging into the crosstabs, there are signs that Trump is slowly winning over some portions of the public who aren’t part of his diehard base. The number who ‘strongly approve’ is at 33%, a mark he hasn’t seen since this time last year. But his ‘moderately approve’ number has climbed up to 16%. That group represents more of the persuadable voters who aren’t tied to Trump at the hip but are willing to give him a chance.”

#2. In many ways, the most interesting result. “[T]he ‘strongly disapprove’ figure has dropped from 44 last June to 36% this month,” Shaw writes. “That ‘strongly disapprove’ figure is a surprise because it had been fairly steady over the past two years and I’d assumed it represented the hardcore liberals who wouldn’t have a nice thing to say about Trump if he suddenly demonstrated the ability to raise the dead and walk across the reflecting pool out on the mall.”

#3. What about self-identified Independents? According to the crosstabs, a total of 47% either strongly (25%) or moderately (22%) approve. This is another reflection of what Shaw described above as “persuadable voters” who “are willing to give [President Trump] a chance.” And

#4. The loyalty factor. President Trump’s troops are almost legendarily loyal. Gallup found 75% strongly approve of his job performance among Republicans and another 17% moderately approve—a total of 92%.

One other reference back to yesterday’s post. According to the latest Emerson poll []

Nearly half of Joe Biden voters, 45%, said they were very or extremely excited to support Biden in the general election, compared to 64% of Trump voters that said they were very or extremely excited to support Trump in November. Nearly a quarter of Biden’s supporters, 26%, said they were not that excited, compared to 15% of Trump voters. 

Ed Morrissey of HotAir offered important context. “That 19-point enthusiasm gap dwarfs the one between Clinton and Trump in 2016. A September 2016 CNN/ORC poll put the gap at 12 points.” 

Stay tuned.