July NRL News filled with news about NRLC’s highly successful annual convention

By Dave Andrusko

Thank you so much to those who’ve already written to me [daveandrusko@gmail.com] to talk about the July digital edition of National Right to Life News. Comments were overwhelmingly positive but it also helps to learn what we could have done better.

This is the second longest monthly edition ever—49 pages—which speaks to just how much is going on in so many different realms.

The news on our front page couldn’t be much better. The 9th Circuit upheld the Trump Administrations Title X regulations which returned the program to what it was designed to be: a provider of health care for low income people, not an abortion provider or promoter.

Also on page one, a judge upheld Oklahoma’s prohibition of abortions that shred the bodies of living unborn babies. A big victory.

The July edition’s primary focus, however, was NRLC’s recent annual convention held in Charleston, South Carolina. Story after delightful story about a two-day educational bonanza that brought visitors from Mexico and Canada and as far away as Australia.

The general sessions, beginning Friday with the Luncheon where South Carolina Gov. Henry McMasters spoke, were powerful motivators. In another general session, the leaders of state groups under siege by Planned Parenthood shared the lessons they had learned.

In still another general session—“Out of the Darkness of Death, come Hope, Mercy and Grace”—attendees sat spellbound listening to the actresses from “Unplanned” [Ashley Bratcher,] and “I Lived on Parker Avenue” [Melissa Coles].

The July digital edition, of course, included a number of stories about state legislation and pro-life state legislation challenged by the ACLU and the Center for Reproductive Choice. We covered the Democrats’ first debate where the objective seemed at times to be to see who could make the most outrageous pro-abortion statement of the night. (Round Two of the debates is next Tuesday and Wednesday.)

We’ll talk again about the issue next week. Suffice it to say here there is a boatload of stories about women refusing to give into fear and awful prenatal diagnoses; about legislation that would forbid aborting a child because she is not a he or is suspected of having Down syndrome; and the latest Gallup poll which documented an increase in pro-life sentiment.

Again, please read the issue and drop me a line—daveandrusko@gmail.com.