The Winners and Losers of the Democrat Debacle (aka Debate)

By Karen Cross, National Right to Life political director

Those of us who forced ourselves to watch the Democrat presidential debates (aka) debacle – the first of a series of twelve Democrat debates – on June 26 and June 27, can’t “un-see” and “unhear” what we saw on that stage.

Again and again the “Top 20” Democrat candidates passionately committed themselves to policies allowing the merciless, senseless killing of our unborn children by abortion through all 40 weeks of pregnancy, paid for with our tax dollars!

Abortion will most certainly be an issue in the 2020 election. In 2016, 49% of all voters considered abortion when they voted. The breakdown?

31% voted for the pro-life candidate, while 18% voted for the pro-abortion candidate – net gain for the pro-life candidate of 13 points.

Running for their party’s presidential nomination, it is important to know the extremist positions taken by all the Democrats on stage during Wednesday and Thursday’s debates are not in step with more than three-quarters of the members of their own party!

Here’s a breakdown of voters (by party) that would allow abortion “anytime during pregnancy” (2/12-17/19 The Marist Poll N=1,008, margin of error +/-3.5%):

22% – Democrats
10% – Independents
4% – Republicans

What about limitations on abortion, and opposition to abortion after twenty weeks, when the unborn child can experience pain (by party)?:

64% – Democrats
83% – Independents
92% – Republicans

But the candidates are not only way out of line with members of their own party. A new Rasmussen Reports poll (6/25-26/19, N=1,000, +/-3%) found that 54% of likely U.S. voters consider most of the announced 2020 Democrat candidates “more liberal than they are.”

Yet the candidates consistently tried to out-do each other to prove they more passionately want to allow the killing of babies through birth and beyond than their 19 rivals.

Keep in mind over the coming year that every one of the top two dozen Democrat presidential candidates supports a policy of abortion on demand.

See where the presidential candidates stand on abortion here:

Then share the downloadable link with your friends and family

Following the debates, many of the media posted “analysis” columns referring to the “winners and losers” of the debate. Sadly, with abortion, there are no winners only millions of losers – precious unborn children, their mothers, and their families.

Your friends and family deserve to see and hear the truth about the position of the Democrat candidates for president on the most fundamental right – the right to life.

Again, you can download their positions at