Planned Parenthood expects total subservience from Democrat presidential candidates speaking at its Action Fund Forum

By Dave Andrusko

Can’t you imagine Planned Parenthood’s glee as pro-abortion former Vice President Joe Biden confessed to the high heavens that he’d seen the error of his ways and that, of course, he opposed the Hyde Amendment?

Not only did it give them a chance to make Biden grovel, it gives them the opportunity to make sure Democratic presidential candidates express their undying commitment to abortion on demand paid for by the public early and often.

Not that they need prompting, which we will see this weekend when 19 of the gabillion Democrats running to face pro-life President Donald Trump in 2020 journey to speak at Planned Parenthood Action Fund Forum held in Columbia, South Carolina.

But just to be clear, Dr. Leana Wen, Planned Parenthood president, told POLITICO’s Alice Miranda Ollstein exactly what they expected: That in this “state of emergency,” all the Democrat candidates

“speak up against the unconscionable, unethical and dangerous bans to safe, legal abortion; recognize abortion care as the standard medical care that it is; and unequivocally support access to reproductive health care — which is health care.”

The local newspaper, The State, reported, “The candidates will each have 15 minutes to answer questions about anything from their voting records on issues including abortion rights, to their ideas for specific policy changes, such as how they would expand access to health care and contraception.”

“Competing with the abortion forum for the national spotlight Saturday is the S.C. Democratic Party’s convention, held nearby at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center,” Maayan Schechter reported. “Throughout the state party’s usual convention business, candidates will get seven minutes each to speak directly to voters.”