Amazing: New ultrasound device lets moms see their babies using smartphones

By Kelli

The Times of Israel reports that a new “handheld ultrasound device” is in its finishing stages. It will “allow pregnant women to check on the health of their baby” by connecting to a smartphone.

Created by PulseNmore LTD, this device is really designed to provide peace of mind to expectant mothers, as it “display[s] the images on its screen and send[s] them to the pregnant woman’s personal doctor for examination.”

Prof. Israel Meisner of Rabin Medical Center stated that “Women sometimes don’t feel movement, call their doctor and are told to go to an emergency room. Here there’s the option to put a phone on her stomach and see her baby.” This, the designers believe, could cut down on ultrasound costs for this reason.

The device is not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool. While not yet fully approved in Israel, the company notes that the device “has been successfully tested in the United States.”

Of course, pro-lifers can see the benefit of such technology as well. When many women who are considering abortion see their preborn babies on the ultrasound screen, they choose life. This is why the abortion industry isn’t a fan of informed consent laws requiring them to show women their ultrasounds, even though ultrasounds are considered standard procedure before an abortion to find the preborn baby’s gestational age and to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood, America’s abortion industry leader which commits more than 320,000 abortions all by itself each year, uses ultrasound, but only to learn the preborn baby’s gestational age so they know which abortion technique to use. Planned Parenthood has been caught deceiving women about their ultrasounds, and of course, has refused to show women ultrasounds of their preborn babies.

But with this new ultrasound device that can show women the reality that their babies indeed have heartbeats (as early as 16 days after conception) and other easily recognizable body parts even early in the first trimester, women could very soon be empowered to see for themselves the truth about the child in the womb.

The device is only designed to be used for up to 25 ultrasound checks, and should retail for around $190, not including the cost of a physician examining the images.

Editor’s note. This appeared at LiveAction and is reposted with permission.