Nevada’s SB179 Will Be Voted Out of Committee Today

SB179 – Unintended Consequences…

SB179 deals with major changes in abortion law. It eliminates the definition and criminal penalty for abortions, paving the way for back alley abortions and DIY home abortion kits. It also eliminates requirement for age verification and coercion screening, thereby protecting abusers and making child sex-trafficking that much easier in Nevada. Women must currently be informed of the emotional risk that abortion can entail. SB179 eliminates this requirement. This bill does not help women.

Where is it in the process?

SB179 has been amended and voted out of the state Senate. Nevada Right to Life was pleased that opposition to this bad bill was bipartisan. It was heard in Assembly HHS last Wednesday. There was tremendous opposition from citizen lobbyists. While there was a sea of purple (the abortion activists), many were paid and bussed in. Our people came on their own dime, wore their own choice of wardrobe and gave excellent, logical, and impactful testimony. It has been scheduled to be voted out of HHS committee today.

What’s next?

If SB179 passes out of committee, it will then need to be voted on by the full Assembly by May 24. If the Assembly does so, it must then be signed by Governor Steve Sisolak. That gives us two places to kill the bill.

How do we stop this bill?

Please visit the legislative poll site and register your opposition to SB179. Be sure to pick SB179, amended version.

Send an email to Assembly Majority Leader Teresa Benitez-Thompson and Speaker Jason Frierson and ask them to kill SB179.

Send an email to Governor Steve Sisolak and ask him to veto SB179 if it gets to his desk.