Google labels “Unplanned” movie “propaganda”

By Dave Andrusko

Kudos and salutations go to Kelsey Boar of the Daily Signal. Boar spotted the latest evidence of Big Tech’s pro-abortion tilt yesterday.

Turns out that the new blockbuster pro-life movie “Unplanned” is not a serious look at what turned a Planned Parenthood “Employee of the Year” into a confirmed pro-lifer. No, according to Google the story of Abby Johnson’s conversion is “propaganda.”

As Boar tongue in cheek observes over a screen shot, “Who knew that ‘propaganda’ was a movie genre? Google once again exposing its gross political bias.”

Fox News’s Joseph A. Wulfsohn wrote

A Google spokesperson explained to Fox News that its “Knowledge Graph” analyzed web content on “Unplanned” and that a large volume of it described the film as propaganda and placed the label without a universal consensus.

“When we’re made aware of disputed facts in our Knowledge Graph, we work to fix the issues, as we’ve done in this case,” the spokesperson told Fox News. Google has updated the search results so that “propaganda” no longer appears as the genre.

Wulfson’s story moves the discussion forward by providing a needed contrast. “Vice,” the biopic of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is so one-sided even confirmed haters of Mr. Cheney conceded the film was over the top.

Michael Moore’s documentaries customarily take a proudly one-side view which always involves ridiculing the object of his wrath mercilessly. But as Wulfson notes, “None of them were considered ‘propaganda’ by Google.”

If you go, you can find where the closest theatre to you is showing “Unplanned.”

And if you click here, you can see “Unplanned” director Chuck Konzelman testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution where he “detailed the suppression efforts Unplanned has endured from both the entertainment industry and dominant online platforms.”