April digital edition of NRL News now online

By Dave Andrusko

It was only April 8, but I already knew Tuesday was going to be my favorite day of the month: We published the digital issue of National Right to Life News, the “pro-life newspaper of record.”

We’re counting on you not just to read the 40-page edition cover to cover but forward the April issue, using your social media outlets. Please remember when you retweet a story, or the entire edition, to your list of contacts, many of them in turn will retweet what you send them to their own contact lists and/or post it on Facebook. This is the ultimate example of the multiplier effect.

Right from page one we jump into legislative, educational, and political stories that you need to know about. Here’s a sampling.

Political Director Karen Cross writes about “The ‘Shock’ Heard Round the World: Democrats Advocate for Abortion Until Birth and Beyond.” Anti-life forces don’t even pretend at moderation any longer. They want abortion legal through all 40 weeks and are indifferent-to-hostile to the fate of abortion survivors.

Also on page one, Federal Legislative Director Jennifer Popik, JD, brings you right up to date on what’s happening on Capitol Hill with “Federal Legislative Update: Pro-lifers proposing protective legislation in both Houses of Congress.”

NRL President Carol Tobias offers a timely warning in her column on page three: “Opening the eyes of our friends and neighbors by exposing our extremist adversaries.” Most people cannot fathom the extent to which pro-abortion Democrats are puppets for Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and EMILY’s List. It’s up to us to educate them.

There are many informational/education stories, including a reminder that there is still time to sign up for NRL’s 5-week-long Academy. This is the perfect training ground for future pro-life leaders. Applications can be downloaded here.

But it is also true that the overwhelming emphasis in the April issue is on Congress and the state legislatures. At both levels of government, pro-lifers are endeavoring to ban dismemberment abortions and the abortions of pain-capable babies at the same time they are working overtime to protect abortion survivors.

Another wonderful piece of news is that Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Tx.) has introduced the Second Chance at Life Act. This bill requires doctors to inform women seeking a chemical abortion that her abortion can potentially be stopped and reversed if she changes her mind after taking the first of the two drugs that make up the two-drug technique.

In that vein, be sure to read State Legislative Director Ingrid Duran’s overview of “Second Chance at Life” legislation in the states on page seven. This is a very important new initiative on the life front.

We’ll talk more about the digital April edition on Friday. In the meanwhile, please dig in and share stories with pro-life family and friends.