NJ Supreme Court turns down appeal by notorious abortionist to reinstate his medical license

By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Steven Brigham
Star-Ledger Photo | TONY KURDZU

No doubt Steven Brigham will be in a court again soon, but one of America’s most notorious abortionist will at least be without a license to practice medicine in New Jersey.

Last week the New Jersey Supreme Court issued a short announcement that it would not review a September 2018 appeals court decision which revoked his license. New Jersey is just one state where Brigham has operated. He once ran abortion clinics in Voorhees and Mount Laurel.

Brigham, who has performed over 40,000 abortions and lost in license in multiple states, has been in and out of legal battles for decades. The 99-page appeals court decision excoriated him, saying he had been guilty of “gross negligence” while providing late term-abortions to almost 250 women between September 2009 and August 2010.

As NRL News Today has recorded in literally dozens of stories, Brigham evaded state law by beginning late-term abortions in New Jersey and then completing them a day or two later in Maryland. One woman, 18 years old and 21 and ½ weeks pregnant, almost died.

After starting the abortion in his Voorhees abortion clinic, she was instructed to drive to a super-secret abortion clinic in Elkton, Maryland, where the baby would be surgically removed.

According to Baltimore Sun reporter Peter Hermann

“After the woman suffered a ruptured uterus, state officials said [Brigham’s worker, Nicola] Riley put the patient in Brigham’s rented Chevrolet Malibu and drove her Union Hospital in Elkton. The board said she sat in slumped in a wheelchair, nearly unconscious, outside the emergency room, while Riley argued with hospital staff, demanding their identities before treating the woman.

“The woman was flown that day to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for more treatment. State officials said Riley then returned to his clinic in Elkton to perform another abortion. The injured woman survived.”

The doctor who performed emergency surgery on the teenager in a Baltimore hospital went to the Elkton police.

There was “ample evidence,” the three judge appeals court panel found, that Brigham had practiced medicine without a license in Maryland . Jim Walsh, reporting for Cherry Hill Courier-Post, wrote

It also said the state Board of Medical Examiners, in taking Brigham’s license in 2014, “weighed the public interest and the continued need for pregnancy termination services against countervailing concerns that society be protected from professional ineptitude.”

Brigham had argued there was “bias and unfairness due to the fact that this matter concerned ‘the explosive issue’ of late term abortions.’” He contended that under Maryland law he could perform abortions there “in consultation with a doctor licensed in that state, George Shepherd Jr.”

According to Walsh

But the state board, agreeing with an administrative law judge, argued the arrangement was “a deliberate sham.”

Friday’s ruling noted Shepherd was an obstetrician/gynecologist and stroke victim “in his mid-80s” who “had not seen any patients, medically, since 2001.”

It said Shepherd, who lost his license in 2010, never performed any abortions at the Elkton office and was not always present when the procedures occurred.

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