Leading abortion apologist laments “Flood of Court Cases That Threaten Abortion “

By Dave Andrusko

Linda Greenhouse

There is so much on in the courts, in the state legislatures, and in Congress that I don’t have time to comment at length about a massive [nearly 2,500 words long] “The Flood of Court Cases That Threaten Abortion” opinion piece.

It’s the product of Linda Greenhouse, who for decades was the New York Times Supreme Court reporter. They don’t come any more biased, but what else what you expect from the house organ of the abortion movement.

Just one very quick thought and I’ll pick this up tomorrow. Greenhouse loves to write about abortion, so forget the pretend reluctance at the end of her opening paragraph:

With all that’s going on in the world of law, I didn’t plan on writing about abortion again so soon. But as the tide of Supreme Court-bound abortion cases turns rapidly into a flood, it’s become a challenge even for people with a deep interest in the future of the abortion right to keep track of what’s happening and of which cases to worry about most. Thus, this column.

In a word, our Movement is on the move. To be sure pro-abortionists are attempting to win major victories in states thoroughly controlled by pro-abortion Democrats. Some of those we will be able to thwart, others, such as New York, we won’t. That doesn’t change the overall picture which is why Greenhouse is close to panic.

We’re passing legislation in the states. We’re battling pro-abortion judges whose opinions read as if they were crafted by Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights, or the ACLU. We’re taking cases to the Supreme Court to see if the justices really believe it is okay to dismember living unborn babies or that the “right” to abortion means you can anilihate an unborn child because she is the “wrong” sex or because he has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

I’ll pick this up tomorrow. If the meanwhile, read Greenhouse here.