Pro-Choicer: women are aware of what is in their wombs

By Sarah Terzo

3d ultrasound, 7 weeks after conception

Pro-choice activist Kathleen Reeves writes about laws requiring sonograms before abortions:

“I think we can be pretty sure that a woman about to have an abortion is aware of what’s inside her womb. And in case she’s not, the doctors who counsel her before the abortion are perfectly capable of telling her…. The legislators behind these bills are arrogant in assuming they have something to say to a woman about her “womb.” There’s no doubt that, as a woman, it’s hard to predict how you’ll feel after an abortion. But an image of the fetus sheds no light on the decision and adds nothing to the emotional process. On the other hand, having a cadre of politicians take this image by force does add something to the experience: the sense of having been intimidated, assumed stupid, and even violated.”

So what are women aware of that is in their wombs? Reeves refuses to come out and say. She may be tacitly admitting that women know they are pregnant with babies, or she may only mean that women are aware of fetal development. A look at women’s stories seems to indicate otherwise. The same stories will show that abortion workers do not give information about fetal development to women.

Seeing an image on a baby in the womb must add to the “emotional process” of abortion decision or pro-choicers would not oppose these laws so vehemently.

Kathleen Reeves, “Ultrasound Before Abortion: A Wasteful Bullying Tactic,” RH Reality Check February 11, 2009.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.