The 2018 Elections, The Day After

By Dave Andrusko

Let’s be clear, all pro-lifers wish we had increased the pro-life margin in the United States Senate even more and retained control of the House of Representatives.

But that should not deflect our attention away from the bottom line. In the worst possible situation (see below), pro-lifers came away with at least one if not three more senators willing to unabashedly defend constitutionalists, whether they are nominated for the lower courts or for the Supreme Court. That infusion of backbone will be huge when the next Supreme Court justice retires.

And as long as Democrats in the House are lead by pro-abortion-to-the-hilt Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) or someone just like her, you can know with 100% certainty they will overshoot the mark. They are not only rabidly pro-abortion, the caucus now consists of a preponderance of members who operate miles away from the center of American politics.

There are reasons, not excuses, why we did not do as well as we would have wanted Tuesday.

*In the House it would difficult to exaggerate what a hole it put Republicans in when so many GOPers decided to retire. As we all know, on average, in the first mid-term election after a party wins the White House, it virtually always suffers considerable losses, sometimes massive losses. So you start out with the wind in your face.

For example, in 2010, the first midterm after Barack Obama won his first term, Republicans gained 63 seats in the House and six Senate seats.

In 2018, the worst possible scenario (some elections haven’t been called yet) is that Republicans lose mid-30s in the House and (as noted above) gain in the Senate.

*Decrying media bias is as tempting as it is less than productive. From after the election and even before Trump became President (when electors to the electoral college voters formally cast their state’s votes), The Establishment Media planned a more-or-less peaceful coup. They have attacked President Trump 60/24/7. Not a minute goes by that he is not verbally assaulted and dismissed as the worst person in this galaxy, and probably beyond.

This serves as colossal in-kind contribution to Democrats. The value is almost incalculable.

*In addition, and I have seen this up front and personal, it is a mountain to climb when an array of pro-abortion billionaires each spend millions and millions on behalf of Democratic candidates. The consequence is ads/memes/videos attacking the pro-life candidate are virtually ubiquitous. To paraphrase George Neumayr, it’s like facing a Category 5 Money Hurricane.

*Pundits are divided over the impact of President Trump. I can only respond, “Are you kidding”? Neumayr is talking about Florida but it also applies equally well in states like Indiana, Missouri, Indiana, and Tennessee:

The national media portrayed Trump as a weight on Republicans. In fact, he was their source of energy. Had the Florida GOP been ambivalent about Trump and kept him out of the state, Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott would have lost. Journalists mocked DeSantis for “tying himself to Trump,” but they now fall silent as it becomes clear that that was perhaps his only winning strategy.

The press propagandized relentlessly for Gillum, who was flush with money from George Soros and Tom Steyer, while kneecapping the scrappier DeSantis over minor lapses, and Gillum still couldn’t win. Notice also the media’s silence about Obama. Yet again the darling of journalists shows himself to be a crappy campaigner for others. In his narcissistic shade nothing grows.

Remember, nothing is more important for pro-abortion Democrats and their media allies than separating President Trump from his supporters, including pro-lifers like you and me. Nothing.

One other thing.

*The electoral dynamics of presidential years, versus mid-terms, is markedly different. We will see what the landscape looks like in 2020. One thing you can say for sure: President Trump will most likely face a Democratic opponent who is not only radically pro-abortion, but also someone so “progressive” that she or he will be almost unrecognizable to the electorate.

Please take a few minutes out to read some of the overviews states have passed along to NRL News Today. They are worth reading, believe me.