Pro-lifers Scott, DeSantis, and Kemp officially declared winners, Rep, Mia Love assumes narrow lead in Utah

Pro-life Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith to face pro-abortion Mike Espy (D) in November 27 run-off election

By Dave Andrusko

With Democrats pulling out newly discovered votes like rabbits out of a hat, it’s not surprising that the November 6 midterm elections are still not decided. But there have been three major “official” pro-life victories in the past few days, hopefully two others by next week.

In a classic pro-life/pro-abortion faceoff Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott has defeated incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D). Here’s Miami Herald’s David Smiley’s opening paragraphs:

Florida’s recount madness is over, Broward’s supervisor of elections is out, and Rick Scott is going to be a U.S. Senator.

On Sunday, following a 12-day ordeal in which 8.3 million ballots were counted twice — some of them thrice — Florida’s Division of Elections confirmed that Scott beat U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson by 10,033 votes. Shortly after, Nelson called the term-limited governor to concede, ending any speculation that he might challenge the results.

As a result, Republicans will control at least 52 senate seats. NRLC is optimistic that pro-life Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith will defeat pro-abortion former Rep. Mike Espy (D) in a special run-off next week in Mississippi and is working hard on her behalf. (See National Right to Life restates its endorsement of Cindy Hyde-Smith for U.S. Senate.) That would increase the number of Republicans to 53.

Also in Florida, pro-life former Congressman Ron DeSantis defeated pro-abortion Democrat Andrew Gillum to become the state’s next governor. Gillum had withdrawn his concession hours after the Florida secretary of state announced a recount of their race and two others. But on Saturday Gillum conceded a second time.

Another pro-life win in the Georgia governor’s race. Pro-abortion Democrat Stacey Abrams on Friday said, “I acknowledge that former of Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be certified the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election,” while pointedly stating she was not conceding. On Sunday in another fit of bitterness, she told CNN’s Jake Tapper that while Kemp is the “legal” governor of Georgia, she would not say he was the “legitimate” governor.

Meanwhile pro-life Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah) has now taken a 1,516 vote lead in her contest against pro-abortion Democrat Ben McAdams “after a morning update from Utah County,” according to a post this afternoon from the Salt Lake Tribune. Benjamin Wood wrote

Love, a two-term Republican congresswoman, is currently winning the race by 1,516 votes, or 0.58 percentage points, outside the margin for a recount in Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

McAdams has held various narrow leads, including an 1,229 vote advantage as of last Tuesday.