Resisting the call to call evil good and good evil is central to restoring a Culture of Life

By Dave Andrusko

Carol Tobias, NRLC President, Archbishop Joseph Naumann, NRLC’s Director of Outreach Ernie Ohlhoff, and EWTN President Doug Keck.
Photo: Lisa Andrusko

I saved the best post of the day for last—the annual Prayer Breakfast, which takes place the first thing every Friday morning at every National Right to Life Convention.

How would you top this assemblage of pro-life wisdom, heart, and talent? Archbishop Joseph Naumann, EWTN President Doug Keck, and Christian singer and pro-life stalwart Jaime Thietten.

Pro-lifers routinely refer to Archbishop Naumann as “one of us.” Many of us have known him (or known of his devotion to our cause) for 20 or 30 years, or even more. In November he will assume in the chairmanship of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Pro-life Committee, a three-year term. The right man for an incredibly important position.

Archbishop’s humor and compassion and devotion came through from his first words to his final admonition that we must “break through” a “Twilight Zone” of our own making. It was a reminder of a famous episode in which plastic surgeons are working on a young woman whose face (like theirs) is concealed. At the end, we see a stunning beautiful young woman, but the surgeons lament their “failure.” What?

Then we see their faces which are contorted and ugly. To them beauty is ugliness.

We have lived, Archbishop Naumann argued, in our own Twilight Zone for 45 years where good is called evil and evil good.

Throughout his remarks he insisted that his own talents and gifts were modest. He reminded us of how the disciples were men of very modest “training” that no one, other than Jesus, would have chosen to evangelize the world.

Likewise, whatever our gifts, abundant or few, will be used by God to further the cause of His unborn children, if only we offer them up.

Archbishop Naumann concluded with a reference to the Wizard of Oz (we are in Kansas, after all). We need to demonstrate brains, a heart, and courage (‘we need to be unafraid’) as we go forward, whether that be standing for public office ourselves or working diligently to elect pro-life officials or standing up for life in our everyday circumstances. As did so many speakers, he advised us to be ready for a billion dollar + abortion industry’s all-out attempt to prevent even the possibility of a change on the court in a pro-life direction.

But while they ramp up to maintain the Culture of Death, Archbishop Naumann told us, we must “ramp up our prayers” to create a Culture of Life.