Cute Kids Explain What Babies Are

By Liberty Pike, Director of Communications, Oregon Right to Life

Editor’s note. Stories about kids are timeless which is why I periodically repost stories that are amazingly heart-warming. One example is the following. I hope you enjoy it and be sure to watch the You Tube video which is just 2:25 seconds long.

Kids say the craziest stuff. I have a friend whose daughter is constantly saying the funniest (often, also incredibly embarrassing) things in public bathrooms, grocery store lines and swimming pools. If you are a parent, are the friends of couples with children, or ever had siblings, you can easily imagine what those observations might be.

All jokes aside, kids often say remarkably poignant things that should be blatantly obvious but we adults find a hard time saying out loud.

For example: what exactly are babies?

Kids know they are mini-humans even when they are in the womb. In this video, the first place winner in the adult category of Oregon Right to Life’s short film contest, submitted by Ethan and Savannah Hill, some adorable kids play dress-up and say really, really, really smart things about babies in the womb. (Art Linkletter, eat your heart out.)

Enjoy and share with your friends and family! We can all learn a thing or two from these miniature “adults.”