The many reasons to read the March NRL News and to share it with pro-life friends and family

Editor’s note. This editorial appears on page two of the current digital edition of National Right to Life News. I trust you are reading the 41-page issue and are sharing stories with family and friends.

By Dave Andrusko

Let me begin by thanking you for reading this editorial but, far more importantly, for being a part of the growing number of people who are reading the digital editions of National Right to Life News. To many, what I’m about to say next is old news, but to many others it’ll be a revelation.

This digital (online) product is the same winning combination of news, education, analysis, commentary, and presidential column that appeared monthly in print version of NRL News going all the way back to 1973. To this day some of those who faithfully read the print edition for decades are just learning they can read the same wonderful news (for free, no less) online.

This is, I believe, the lengthiest digital edition we’ve ever run and for one simple reason, If you are a pro-lifer, you know there is action on every front.

Let me just highlight a handful of the stories in the March digital edition of NRL News, “the pro-life newspaper of record.”

Page one features an update on a furious primary battle in Illinois 3rd congressional district, which takes place Tuesday. It is a pro-life/pro-abortion faceoff but not the usual one. This is within the Democratic Party and features stalwart pro-life Democrat Congressman Dan Lipinski against pro-abortion challenger Marie Newman.

We wholeheartedly support Rep. Lipinski, a co-sponsor of many important pro-life bills. Ms. Newman is endorsed by the likes of Planned Parenthood’s political arm and EMILY’s List. The contrast couldn’t be clearer or the contest closer.

But that’s by no means all that is taking place Tuesday. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in NIFLA v. Becerra, a pivotal First Amendment case.

This case will decide a challenge to California’s so-called Reproductive FACT Act, a 2015 state law that forces pro-life pregnancy medical clinics to advertise abortions! As Alliance Defending Freedom has warned, the outcome will also determine “copycat and related mandates passed in Hawaii, Illinois, New York City, San Francisco and Hartford, Connecticut.”

On the education front, Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC’s director of education & research, has written a brilliant synopsis of the short-medium-and long-term pro-abortion plans for chemical abortions– “RU-486” or, as abortion advocates like to call them, “medication abortions.” It is must reading.

Also, in that vein, we’ve providing an explanation about the highly-regarded NRLC Academy and how to apply. The Academy is a fast-paced, intense but fun five-week academic summer course. A second blessing: pro-life college students have the opportunity to earn 3 college credits.

The March digital edition, of course, is replete with inspirational stories of babies who overcame tremendous odds and women who faced down physicians (and others) who recommended they abort. No issue of NRL News would be complete without them.

And there are many, many stories about state legislative victories, the kind of uplifting news that buoys the spirits. For example, West Virginians for Life are well on their way to placing SJR12 on the November ballot. If approved it would return the state Constitution to a neutral position on abortion and abortion funding. It reads, “Nothing in the Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of abortion.”

And, to mention just one more, NRL News (as does its sister publication, NRL News Today) intensely covers international developments. Pro-abortion challenges (such as the upcoming referendum in Ireland on whether to delete the pro-life 8th Amendment to the Constitution) are hugely important in their own right but also may signal what direction anti-life forces are taking in the future.

Again, thanks for reading NRL News. If you are not receiving the monthly NRL News or the Monday through Saturday NRL News Today in your email, you can sign up (for free) in 30 seconds at

PS. Don’t forget the annual National Right to Life Convention in Kansas, City, Kansas. Please read the page one story and then go to for information about how to register for the pro-life educational event of the year.