A few vignettes hours before the beginning of the March for Life

By Dave Andrusko

To help you understand why people like me are so excited today, here are a few vignettes from this morning leading up the annual March for Life in Washington, DC….

*As I drove into the nation’s capital, I passed a long row of buses lined up to drop off large numbers of excited and enthusiastic youngsters. When I stopped at the traffic light, I saw one young girl wave to a police officer whose job it is to help the hundreds of thousands of people navigate the walk to the National Mall.
He waved back.

*I walked past a young man wearing a shirt that read,

Roe vs. Wade will not

The knowledge that any of them could have lost their lives to abortion is a truth embedded in younger people’s consciousness.

* I could barely make in the front door of our office. The hallway and the first floor conference room were packed with young people and their chaperones. And wouldn’t you know it. The first smiling young woman whose hand I shook was wearing a sweatshirt from the University of Minnesota, my Alma Mater. Next to her were others who quickly added that they were from Wisconsin. It always amazes me how many people from hundreds, even thousands of miles away, make the long trek to commemorate this judicial abomination.

*A woman from KIDS (Keep Infants with Down Syndrome) stopped by my office to thank NRL News Today for running so many, many stories about both the ghastly assault on babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome but also the beauty and joy they bring to families.

I said, sincerely, “It is our privilege.”

A great start to a great day.