In another case of judicial activism, Judge blocks Florida’s 24 Hour Waiting Period!

By Florida Right to Life

Judge Terry Lewis. | AP Photo/Steve Cannon

Yesterday, in another case of judicial overreach, Circuit Judge Terry Lewis permanently blocked the enforcement of a common sense law that provided for a 24 hour waiting period before a woman undergoes a surgical procedure that ends the life of a baby. Abortion can have severe ramifications for girls or woman undergoing this surgical procedure. Nowhere in this protective legislation was a woman barred from having an abortion. This valuable legislation just offers a pause and a time for reflection.

27 states have waiting periods in effect.

In an ironic twist, Florida has a stringent law for anyone wanting to marry. Florida requires couples to complete a state-sanctioned marriage counseling course. If not completed then Florida requires a 3 day waiting period before marrying.

Almost every surgical procedure requires a wait from consultation to surgery. Even a colonoscopy requires a visit to the doctor to discuss the procedure before being scheduled.

However, abortion is always treated as the exception and is considered absolute by the pro-aborts and extreme liberals who have no concern for the unborn and the woman undergoing the “procedure”!

Abortion, which takes an unborn life and which has a permanent impact on the life of the mother, is made cheap without a period of contemplation!

Judge Lewis cited Florida’s constitution and its privacy clause. What an abuse and what a distortion. How sad.