Ohio on verge of passing Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act

By Dave Andrusko

The reliably pro-abortion Columbus [Ohio] Dispatch tells us the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act has been “offered in four consecutive sessions of the General Assembly.” For numerous and sundry reasons a measure to protect babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome from the lethal discrimination and violence of abortion has not passed.

At last, the top priority of Ohio Right to Life this year is on the cusp of success. Yesterday on a 12-6 vote, Senate Bill 164 was approved by the House Health Committee advancing the measure to a full House vote. Last month the Ohio Senate passed SB 164 by an overwhelming 20-12 vote.

NBC4 reports, “Speaker Rosenberger could put the Down Syndrome bill up for a vote as soon as next week. If it passes the House, it would be headed to Governor Kasich for his signature.”

The Dispatch’s Megan Henry quoted Sen. Frank LaRose, the bill’s sponsor, who said, “To me, this a matter of medical ethics,” adding “It’s a matter of what kind of society do we want to have here in the state of Ohio.”

If SB 164 becomes law, it would be illegal for abortionists to commit or attempt to commit an abortion based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Currently Indiana and North Dakota also ban abortions based on genetic anomalies.