The Christmas issue of NRL News is filled with encouragement

By Dave Andrusko

We decided earlier this month that we would distribute the online edition of the December National Right to Life News close to Christmas. For many reasons, some which will become obvious in a second, we wanted the monthly issue of the “pro-life newspaper of record” to come out exactly a week before Christmas.

Thanks to those kind people who emailed encouragement to More importantly, my gratitude goes to those who told me they had passed on individual articles—and often the entire 37-page issue—to fellow pro-lifers.

The front page included a wonderful story from our friend Joleigh Little Bass: “‘If it wasn’t for adoption’: The Ghost of Christmas that Would Have Been.” If you needed any inspiration, this be your story.

Indeed we published a number of stories and columns with Christmas-related themes. For instance, “The amazing things you make possible when you donate to National Right to Life” (page two); “God Bless Us Every One” (page three); and “A Christmas Carol for our Times” (page eight), to name just three.

There were stories of encouragement everywhere, beginning with Ohio passing a Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act (page 7), “A Child’s Future is Worth every sacrifice” (page 11), and a brilliant explanation of what the decrease in the number of abortions really means (page 13).

Finally (for now), there are multiple accounts of the strongly pro-life actions taken by the Trump administration (pages 19, 23, and 24). Elections do make a difference.

Please read the Christmas edition of National Right to Life News and pass it along to friends and family. They will be blessed.

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