Thanks for forwarding and reposting digital September NRL News

By Dave Andrusko

It was just this past Tuesday that we posted the digital September edition of NRL News and already the IT person who understands how people respond far better than I do tells me our readers are busy passing along the contents of this 37-page edition along.

Why is this important? The best and most effective way to spread the word about this monthly publication is for our audience to use their social networks to forward individual stories and/or the entire issue. Thank you for doing so.

In case you’ve only had a chance to glance at the front page, rest assured the latest issue provides the variety, depth, breadth, and insight you’ve come to expect from the “pro-life newspaper or record.”

We mentioned previously how our front page gives you politics (the upcoming gubernatorial contest in Virginia) and legislation (an update on the House Financial Services Appropriations Bill which contains new and old prolife riders). And how on page 3 NRLC President Carol Tobias recalls the progress our Movement is making on so many fronts.

There are stories about the blessings that children with special needs bring to a family. And there is a great post about a rising pro-life office holder in Great Britain gets labeled “extreme” by (guess who?) the Abortion Lobby which makes clear it believes in abortion until birth if that child happens to a child with special needs.

One of my favorites stories comes from Melissa Ohden, the survivor of a “failed” saline abortion in 1977 who speaks all over the world including at many National Right to Life Conventions. On her blog she wrote a powerful post she called, “Inside an Abortion Survivor’s Head on her 40th birthday.”

Ingrid Duran, NRLC’s director of State Legislation, compiled a terrific overview addressing one strand of pro-abortionist’s hysteria which she headlined, “Reversing Chemical Abortions a threat to Abortion on Demand Ideology.”

Finally, there are a number of important stories which talk about banning dismemberment abortions, a particular ugly abortion “technique.” Read how the “Media filters out the brutal truth about the dismemberment of living unborn babies.”

Please continue reading the latest online edition of NRL News and sharing it with pro-life family and friends.

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