Pro-abortionist offers narcissistic and self-defeating formula for continuing to lose

By Dave Andrusko

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Once upon a time–a long time ago–Kathryn Kolbert was a pro-abortion voice you heard loud and often. For veterans, she is best remembered as the co-counsel in the 1992 Supreme Court Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision.

Cosmopolitan magazine, which runs pro-abortion diatribes about every 15 minutes, gave her a forum yesterday to tell her fellow diehards “The 3 Most Important Things You Can Do to Preserve Roe v. Wade.” Here they are:

1.Flip the U.S. Senate. Kolbert readily concedes this is easier said than done. As NRL Political Director Karen Cross has written, “Next year Democrats are defending 25 seats, while Republicans are defending only eight.”

Kolbert concludes, “But with robust voter registration, get-out-the-vote efforts, and a concerted search to find, groom, and fund the most competitive candidates, electing a pro-choice Senate is possible and critical.” Our answer? We will do all of this and more. They have oodles of money, we have the grassroots organization.

2. Concentrate on Retaking the States. Kolbert recites the “legacy” of Barack Obama, which included the massive loss of control of state legislatures, governorships, and congressmen and congresswomen. The pro-life sweep in so many states has allowed us to pass a boat-load of protective legislation which (Kolbert would never admit) were passed because they were commonsense limitations/protections. She concludes, “To preserve women’s reproductive rights, we must elect pro-choice U.S. senators and governors, and take back control of state legislatures.”

We would respond, to continue the momentum to ensure that more and more babies are saved and more and more women know the truth about life-affirming options, we must not only maintain our advantage, but build on it.

And then there is

3. Be Loud, Stay Angry: Make Sure Anti-Choice Legislators Hear Your Displeasure. This is the “lesson” that pro-abortionists have learned from the ugly turnouts at many congressional town hall meetings.

The ethos that Kolbert is channeling could not possibly be more incorrect, more tunnel-visioned. Being disruptive, being intolerant, being unwilling to allow elected officials even to speak is a recipe for unmitigated electoral defeat. The notion is this chaos will gin up pro-abortion supporters–which may or may not be true–but is blind to the truth that bullying and narrow-mindedness is not received well by an overwhelming number of Americans.

In a word, #1 and #2 are what pro-lifers have done superbly for decades, never more so in the past half-decade. #3 is self-defeating and narcissistic.

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