President Trump’s upcoming meeting with British Prime Minister said to focus on saving Charlie Gard

By Kathy Ostrowski, Policy & Research Director, Kansans for Life

Charlie Gard and his dad

Charlie Gard and his dad

After months of competing British headlines over the now international battle to save baby Charlie Gard’s life, today’s UK Express  may clinch the title: “Donald Trump to roast Theresa May on the heartbreaking Charlie Gard situation’ at G20.”

The Express reports that President Trump has scheduled an hour long appointment with Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday, during the time that world leaders assemble for the G2- world summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Thomas Hunt reported

Although the reasons for the meeting have not officially been disclosed, the insider suggested the hour–long meeting, which will occur during the G20 summit in Hamberg, will centre on the desperately ill 11–month–old boy.

The source added the US President is said to have “a very good understanding of the whole case”.

The same White House source told the Daily Mail last night

“The President is deeply moved by the heartbreaking situation facing Charlie Gard and his parents. Although the President himself has not spoken to the family, members of the administration, assisted by British officials, have done so. As a father and grandfather, President Trump understands the limitless love one has for a child and he wishes to be helpful to Charlie Gard and his family, as does Pope Francis and millions of families worldwide….he is willing to provide assistance should they need any.”

Prime Minister May faces seemingly ironclad rulings from three UK Courts (The High Court, Appeal Court, and Supreme Court) and the European Court of Human Rights, all sanctioning the removal of Charlie’s life support. It would appear they have not given her any wriggle-room when they insist Charlie’s “best interests” dictate he must die at the hospital.


His parents vehemently disagree and refuse to give up. Chris Gard and Connie Yates have waged a relentless battle against institutional power.

Eleven-month-old Charlie has a rare and debilitating chromosomal condition in which his cells cannot replenish essential energy. A natural compound, orally administered, has shown some success as a treatment in the United States.

Last week, after all courts opposed life for Charlie, his death seemed imminent. A weak promise not to rush the process from the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London met with a tidal wave of global solidarity for Charlie’s parents, including viral posts of multi-language “I am Charlie Gard” arm bracelets.

Various public protests and peaceful demonstrations are increasing. Tonight Liverpool city landmarks are decked out in blue lights to show their support for Charlie.

Responding to Charlie’s plight, Pope Francis and President Trump tweeted encouragement to the Gard family. Connie Yates responded in return, “The support from the Pope and the President has given us hope. They are traditional men who believe in the family.”

Other nations are said to be lobbying on Charlie’s behalf. The Daily Mail’s Martin Robinson reported

Yesterday it emerged the White House has been phoning the family and also the office of Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

And the international tug-of-love over Charlie intensified as Italy also urged Britain to help save him.

The Italian Foreign Minister personally lobbied his counterpart Boris Johnson in a phone call between Rome and London.

But Johnson rebuffed an offer from the Rome children’s hospital to have Charlie transferred there. Many Twitter users are urging President Trump to send his private plane to rescue Charlie. “Get that baby on a jet and give him asylum!” said one.

And we know that the President reads tweets.