Conservative Party in Canada chooses pro-lifer as new leader

By Patricia Maloney Editor, Run with Life Blogspot

Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer

Canada’s opposition Conservative party voted for a new leader this week in Andrew Scheer. Sheer is young (39), a father of five, and a practicing Roman Catholic. He has been a sitting member of Parliament since 2004. At the age of 32 he was the speaker of the House and did an excellent job there, being respected by all members.

His religion is noteworthy since our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also calls himself a Roman Catholic. But there’s a problem here. To be a Catholic means that you are pro-life; the two go together. But Scheer and Trudeau have a very different definition of “being a Catholic.”

Scheer is pro-life while Trudeau is the most pro-abortion prime minister Canada has ever had.

Trudeau won’t let pro-life people be a member of the Liberal party (who governs Canada right now). Trudeau calls himself a feminist. Trudeau gave $650 million to sexual and reproductive health programs, code name for abortion.

Recently Justin Trudeau was pictured receiving Holy Communion from Archbishop Lepine. Pro-abortion and receiving Holy Communion should be mutually exclusive.

Now you must remember that in Canada being pro-life is very, very difficult. We have no abortion law on the books so this means that abortion is legal for all nine months and no reason is required to obtain an abortion.

This differs greatly from the US, where there are actual restrictions on abortion. If and when pro-life politicians speak out about abortion, chicken little pro-abortionists will send out warnings because sure as the sun rises in the East, the sky will fall.

Also in Canada for a politician to act pro-life, as in trying to pass pro-life legislation, is a political death sentence. Scheer is pro-life and has always supported pro-life bills in Parliament. But he has said he won’t bring forward any pro-life legislation should he become prime minister.

He’s also said though, that he will not stop his MPs from using their right to introduce private members’ bills and to vote their conscience on such bills. This freedom to vote one’s conscience on pro-life issues is a non-starter in our Liberal party.

Canada’s liberal media is all over Scheer already. CBC, our tax payer funded media outlet, has already written a disgusting anti-religion, anti-pro-life article on Scheer.

Pretty pathetic for our so-called unbiased national broadcaster.

What does all this mean in real terms to pro-life Canadians? Hard to say at this point. One thing is for sure. I would take Andrew Scheer over Justin Trudeau any day of the week.

Let’s wait and see how he does.