6 weeks after abortion, woman cries all night

Editor’s note. The following are two quotation from “Experiencing Abortion: a Weaving of Women’s Words” (Binghamton, New York: The Haworth Press, 1997) by Eva Kushner that were posted April 3 by Sarah Terzo. It is a book that told the stories of post-abortion women:

“20-year-old Rickie, who is a Black Muslim, opposes abortion and has been mad at herself since she had an abortion 6 weeks ago. She had the hardest time the night after the abortion. She recalls, “I woke up in the middle of the night and I felt so bad. I was crying all night. I felt really low, like I was the stupidest person on earth.”

Woman who had 3 abortions: getting teeth pulled was a bigger deal

“… One forty-four-year-old who had 3 abortion since her 20s notes, “it was like getting 4 molars pulled. I consider that a bigger deal, because you can’t eat for like 4 weeks.”

These appeared at clinicquotes.com and are reprinted with permission.