Mother of woman who just had abortion: “We just killed her baby”

By Sarah Terzo

Teri Stanton’s daughter Sheri had an abortion; Teri agreed with her decision and encouraged her. Right after the abortion, they both have second thoughts:

“I wasn’t prepared for what I saw as the door to the procedure room opened. There on a flat, cold, stainless steel table, laid my little girl, alone. Her baby is gone from her now. Sheri was covered in a white sheet. Her face was as pale as the sheet that covered her. Her eyes were glazed over and her pupils were dilated. She’d been given some sort of anesthesia. The nurse instructed me to get her up and dressed and we should leave, through the side door, not the front door, as soon as possible…

I just wanted her out of this awful place! Sheri stood up, holding onto the table for balance… As I walked over to the chair to get her clothes, the metal trashcan cranked open and, as I spun around, Sheri was vomiting. Immediately, blood began gushing from her wounded body. In horror, as blood pooled around her bare feet, she cried,

“That’s… my baby’s blood!”

It was the first time since the nightmare began that Sheri said the words “my baby.” In that one moment, the abortion, the horror, the reality of the murder of a tiny life, came flooding in with unabashed, intolerable reality. We had just killed her baby.”

From Teri Stanton, Two Minus One: Our Abortion Story (Meadville, PA: Christian faith Publishing, Inc., 2016), pp. 39 – 40.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.