Why I March: Reflections on the March for Life

By Elizabeth Spillman, StandUpGirl.com

This past Friday, I was honored to be able to participate in my 7th March for Life in our nation’s Capital.

While traveling from my home in Oregon to Washington D.C. for the March, I had an interesting interaction with a friend that caused me to refocus on why I was traveling over 3,000 miles to walk an uphill mile to the Capitol Building and then to the Supreme Court.

My friend and I do not see eye to eye on many issues. She was offering a very common argument expressed by our opposition–that Pro-Lifers only care about the baby until he or she is born and that we don’t care about women.

This struck a nerve with me. I am intimately familiar with how the Pro-Life Movement is incredibly compassionate and generous to woman facing unplanned pregnancies.

I work for an organization that provides options and resources for over 3 million women a year. StandUpGirl.com functions primarily on the volunteer hours of young women that have lived in crisis situations themselves. Each day, StandUpGirl.com is reaching out to women around the world who are seeking hope, courage, and support in the midst of their crisis.

I gently explained to my friend all the ways that Pro-Lifers creatively, passionately, and sacrificially care for women and their babies. I encouraged my friend to come to the March. Come and talk to, and interact with regular people who are all joining together for a valiant cause. Meet some of these wonderful people who give so much of themselves to help mother and unborn child.

As I reflected on that conversation, I found new resolve for the importance of organizations like the one I work for, StandUpGirl.com, having a presence at the March. As I marched down Constitution Avenue with several hundred thousand of my fellow Americans, I carried a sign that said: “Pregnant? Scared? Feeling Alone? www.standupgirl.com.”

You never know who you may cross paths with or who may be watching from the sidelines. I want that terrified, 18-year-old girl, whose boyfriend left her when he found out she was pregnant, to know that there is hope and help out there.

I always come away energized and hopeful from my time participating in the March. This year was no different.

And in 2017, there are so many reasons for Pro-Lifers to be hopeful. For me, one of the main reasons for optimism is the interactions I had with my fellow marchers. I had people tell me how much they appreciated me being there and carrying a message of hope for young women in crisis. I heard stories of what many other people are doing to make sure that women and their babies are supported and cared for.

So, to quote the hashtag that trended on twitter on Friday, #whyimarch: to bring hope, courage, and life-affirming resources to young women when they need it most.

Are you also passionate about helping women facing a crisis pregnancy and want to help them find the resources and support they need to choose life for their baby?

Go to www.standupgirlfoundation.org to learn how you can get involved!

I hope to see you all next year at the 2018 March for Life!