Fake News? How about Fake Advertising?

Editor’s note. The following letter to the editor was submitted to the Des Moines Register, Iowa’s largest and most influential newspaper, by Jenifer Bowen, spokeswoman for Iowa Right to Life.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland ran a full-page ad in the Sunday, February 12, 2017, Des Moines Register that listed doctors and nurses from the “Iowa Medical Community” that agree Planned Parenthood should not lose its taxpayer funding.

Here’s what’s misleading about the ad: Planned Parenthood fails to mention that many of the names are Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPH) employees and Board Members, or married to them.

Here’s what we found:

· Dr. Jill Meadows is the Medical Director for PPH.

· Dr. Deborah Turner is the new Associate Medical Director for PPH. According to a10/10/16 press release from PPH, Turner is actually based in Nebraska, but in PPH’s recent ad, she’s listed in Des Moines.

· Penney Dickey is PPH’s Vice President of Health Services.

· Penney’s daughter, Laura Dickey, also on the list, is the Assistant Manager of PPH”s location on Army Post Road in Des Moines.

· Dr. Robert Shaw is on PPH’s Board of Directors.

· Dr. Stephanie Morgan is on PPH’s Board of Directors.

· Barb Yankey, RN, is on PP’s Voters of Iowa PAC Board of Directors.

· Barb’s husband, Dr. Jon Yankey, also shows up in the ad.

· Dr. Andrew D. Nish in the ad is married to Barbara Betts-Nish, a past PPH Board member.

· Barb Madden-Bittle is a past member of PPH’s Board of Sponsors.

· Carrie Helmick, ARNP, works at PPH’s Keokuk location.

· Dr. Christopher Matson is married to Heather Matson, a former Manager of PPH’s Freedom Fund and also a member of PPH’s Voters of Iowa PAC Steering Committee.

· Maradith Morris, RN was endorsed by Planned Parenthood’s Voter’s of Iowa PAC, in her unsuccessful 2016 run for State House District 39.

· Maradith’s husband, Dr. Jeffrey Morris is also listed in the ad.

· Dr. Jon L. Fleming is a long-time donor of PPH, giving in the $1,000-4,999 range annually.

This is another example of Planned Parenthood creating misleading advertising, by trying to make these people look like random medical professionals, instead of the PPH insiders that they are.