Thousands gather in Little Rock to commemorate Roe, March for Life

By Rose Mimms, Executive Director, Arkansas Right to Life

Monica Kelsey with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson

Monica Kelsey with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson

Arkansas’s 39th Annual March for Life was held Sunday, January 22nd. Governor Asa Hutchinson, Lt. Governor Tim Griffin, who led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance, and many other state officials were on hand to march for life. They joined several thousand pro-lifers who came together at the state capitol in Little Rock.

The weather was rainy but light. Fortunately, it stopped during the time we marched and conducted our program.

Monica Kelsey was our keynote speaker. She is a firefighter/paramedic from Indiana who founded Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. She works to promote Safe Haven Laws which vary according to state. Typically they allow mothers to place their newborns at hospitals, police stations, and similar facilities with complete anonymity and without charges being brought.

Monica shared her personal story of abandonment as an infant after her birth mom was raped.

Luke Helms and Emily Moseley spoke about youth outreach activities. Luke attended NRL Academy in 2016 and Emily attended Arkansas’ “Camp Joshua” in 2015 where she learned about our Oratory Contest and represented Arkansas in the National Right to Life Oratory Contest in 2016.