Newborn abandoned in bathroom with tissue stuffed in his mouth miraculously survives

By Dave Andrusko

Royal Albert Edward Infirmary

When a bathroom attendant at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, in Wigan, England, pulled a trash bag out of a bin, she noticed it was unusually heavy. Then she heard a “muffled squeak.”

“She opened the bag and could see a large amount of tissue stuffed in the bag and she called for further assistance,” according to the Manchester Evening News. “A security officer Brian Baron lent assistance and discovered within the bag there was a newborn baby.”

“A nurse, Lynette Holland came to assist the baby who was still in the foetal position and saw a clear plastic covering over the back of his head,” prosecutor Richard Pratt said. “It was discovered that a wedge of tissue protruded from the baby’s mouth by about an inch.” (It turned out that the tissue covered the baby’s entire head.)

Once the tissue was removed, the baby revived. “Once normal breathing had been restored the infant made the normal progress to be expected of a newborn baby,” the Evening News reported

“The baby survived his ordeal with remarkable fortitude and, with medical intervention, was effectively unscathed by the circumstances of his birth,” Mr. Pratt said.

On Tuesday of this week, Orsolya-Anamaria Balogh, 27, appeared at Liverpool Crown Court after admitting attempted infanticide. At the hearing the full story of that terrific day back in July 2015 came out.

Along with her partner, Balogh had come to the infirmary complaining of abdominal pain. She adamantly insisted she could not be pregnant, the Daily Mail reported. And since she did not appear to be pregnant and her blood pressure was normal and there was a backlog of patients, Balogh was told there would be a wait before she was seen.

Just before 9pm, a cleaner found a toilet in the department was occupied and after ten minutes told a nurse. She knocked on the door and eventually a female voice replied, “Yes, I’m fine” and she left, the court heard.

When Balogh’s name was called to see a doctor an hour and 20 minutes later, there was no response and it was assumed she had given up waiting. At 11.40pm another cleaner went to the toilets and while emptying a bin realised it was ‘unusually heavy.’

Balogh had already left. When police arrived at the couple’s home, she denied having given birth, a claim that was quickly disproven when a midwife conducted an examination.

Balogh insisted she hadn’t known she was pregnant (although when her computer was examined, police found searches relating to pregnancy) and that the baby had not been breathing and she thought he was dead.

Balogh had spent the equivalent of 12 months’ imprisonment while on remand at Styal prison and was scheduled to be sentenced this week. The Evening News reported that Judge Neil Flewitt heard reports by consultant psychiatrists that “found the balance of Balogh’s mind was disturbed after the birth and she experienced dissociation.”

Judge Flewitt told her “he hoped to make an order that would allow her to be released into the community with the appropriate level of support,” according to the Daily Mail’s Stephanie Linning. “Her sentencing was adjourned to January 16.”

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