“Mary Kills People” trades comforting fantasy for the reality of “assisted deaths”

By Dave Andrusko

Caroline Dhavernas stars in the new Global TV show Mary Kills People. (CORUS ENTERTAINMENT)

Caroline Dhavernas stars in the new Global TV show Mary Kills People. (CORUS ENTERTAINMENT)

When anti-life forces talk about “normalizing” their agenda, a key component is persuading an already receptive entertainment industry to portray aborting children or “assisting” people to die in the most favorable possible light.

Enter “Mary Kills People”–and no, I am not making this up. It is a new series, debuting tomorrow on Global Television , about an “angel of mercy.” ( I didn’t know what Global TV is, either–it’s a “Canadian English-language broadcast television network.”)

If you read the snap summary on the Global TV site, it begins thusly:

Dr. Mary Harris has a secret – beneath the surface of being an ER doctor and loving mother, Mary is also Dr. Death, helping terminal patients end their lives. She and her partner Des have been operating covertly for almost six months but a series of unforeseen circumstances, beginning with the assisted death of superstar football player Troy Dixon (Adrian Holmes) goes wrong, conspire to tear Mary down.

(“Conspire to tear Mary down”? After she merely “assists” someone to die. How judgmental.) After that the usual soap opera storylines.

To get a feel for the series, go to the Facebook page for “Mary Kills People.” In a very short clip, you see Mary smoking a cigarette and then saying to no one in particular, “I really have to quit.” Some guy responds, “Killing people?”

To which Mary angrily answers, “No, smoking.” The man [sarcastically? Ironically? Apologetically?] responds, “Oh no, yeah, you’re right. Sure, it’s a filthy habit.”

I first ran across a mention of the show today at The Toronto Star where Bill Brioux gushes over how clever it all is.

Brioux tells us

The series is about a single mother, Mary Harris, who is an ER doctor by day, an angel of mercy by night. In her illegal side gig, Mary kills terminally ill patients she helps slip away on their own terms.

Of course all the deaths in this six-part series are sought by hospice patients, although the graphic that accompanies the promo doesn’t send that message at all. It is nothing short of menacing.

These stories (ala “Law and Order”) may be ripped from the headlines but if so, they didn’t read the stories. The (typically) nurses who are killing vulnerable patients offer the usual rationalizations but they are killing them not because they are “asked” but because of twisted, demented reasons of the killer’s own.

What fascinates Brioux begins with the origins of the series:

Tara Armstrong developed the idea for the series while still a student at the University of British Columbia.

“I don’t know why exactly, but I was always obsessed with death when I was younger, when I was a kid,” Armstrong said late last year while on location in Mississauga, Ont., with the cast and producers.

Armstrong was working on a writing degree at UBC and developed Mary Kills People in a creative non-fiction class. “I chose to go into a hospice and interviewed all the people who worked in there; it kind of came from that,” she says.

Does the choice of Dr. Harris’ first name mean anything?

The name “Mary” was a starting point. “I knew I wanted a biblical name,” says Armstrong.

Leave it to the death peddlers to cover their tracks with a “biblical name.”

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