Stunning Victories in Wisconsin Thanks to Pro-Life Grassroots

By Heather Weininger

Editor’s note. Over the last month we’ve posted a series of stories from our state affiliates discussing how much they did to make November 8 such a wonderful day for our Movement. Here is one more from Wisconsin Right to Life.

Pro-Life Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wi.)

Pro-Life Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wi.)

Wisconsin pro-lifers, you did it. Our stunning pro-life election night victories are thanks to your efforts to support right-to-life leaders and expose the extremism of the Democratic party and their candidates.

Donald J. Trump and Ron Johnson pulled the biggest surprises of the night, winning Wisconsin for the presidency and the U.S. Senate, respectively. They defied all expectations with their victories.

Pro-life President-elect Donald Trump

Along with them, pro-life Mike Gallagher, Sean Duffy, Glenn Grothman, James Sensenbrenner, and Paul Ryan all won their congressional races, helping to maintain the national pro-life majority in Congress. On the state level, the State Senate and State Assembly not only kept their pro-life majorities, but strengthened them as well!

Nov. 8th’s victories were proof that Wisconsinites reject the abortion extremism of the Democratic party, and that the efforts of pro-lifers to educate voters make a difference.

Here is a quick preliminary summary of our right-to-life voter education efforts in 2016:

-500,000 voters contacted via email

-56,000 households contacted via pro-life mail pieces

-149,000 Wisconsinites reached through pro-life newspaper ads

-94,000 households reached through neighbor-to-neighbor distribution of pro-life voter education literature

-1,800,000 impressions on Wisconsin voters via paid and organic advertising on social media

These efforts total to 3,499,000 voter contacts and impressions made, thanks to the tireless efforts of Wisconsin Right to Life’s grassroots network.

Now with the right-to-life leaders we have, the pro-life movement in Wisconsin and nationally looks forward to achieving long sought-after goals – ending funding for abortion providers, protecting unborn babies from the pain of abortion, and bringing pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. The pro-life grassroots worked hard this election, and will work even harder until all of our right-to-life goals are achieved!