Nov 8th Election Was a National Referendum On the Abortion Issue

Ernest Ohlhoff, Executive Director, Maryland Right to Life

Editor’s note. This appeared in the Maryland Life Report, the newsletter of Maryland Right to Life.

The pro-life movement has won a great victory – – it’s not the final victory, but a clear and decisive one nonetheless.

The November 8, 2016 election was in effect a national referendum on abortion. This time political parties and their presidential candidates MORE PUBLICLY staked out totally opposite positions on the issue of abortion.

In previous elections, most candidates tried to minimize their positions on controversial issues like abortion. But in 2016, Hillary Clinton made abortion on demand a cornerstone issue of her campaign. She made it clear that abortion should be available to everyone at any time during pregnancy.

Clinton also wanted to eliminate the Hyde Amendment so that tax dollars would be available to anyone seeking an abortion. In addition, in spite of the national furor over the sale of aborted baby parts to the highest bidder, Clinton wanted to expand taxpayer funding to America’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

The Republican Party and Donald Trump’s strong and PUBLICLY voiced pro-life position was the polar opposite of Clinton and the Democratic platform.

The anti-life media joined in the maelstrom generally favoring Clinton.

Pollsters and pundits had a field day predicting great losses for Trump and the Republicans while minimizing the many potential scandals involving Clinton and her close campaign confidantes.

The political pot was boiling furiously and some were prematurely celebrating a Clinton victory.

But their prognostications were wrong.

When the returns began coming in on Tuesday evening November 8th, it was clear it was not going to be a slam dunk for Clinton. Quite the opposite. Trumped eked out a victoryin state after state, and, with few exceptions effectively turned all but the states in the Northeast and West Coast bright red.

While Clinton gathered slightly more of the popular vote, the Republicans turned almost three quarters of our nation’s geography red.

The tremendous work of pro-life activists brought the pro-life vote out in style. Abortion was a major issue in the outcome of this election and the pro-life movement has every right to claim a major victory.

This gave the pro-life movement a 13% margin over the pro-abortion movement in the general public.

Now our real work begins. We know we have the political muscle to win. We know we have a clear and substantial pro-life margin in the general public. Now we must put our shoulder to the wheel and win the future battles still ahead.

Thank you and God bless you everyone