National Right to Life Made an Enormous Difference – Now You Can, Too!

National Right to Life’s political action committees made a major impact on our nation in 2016.

Post-election polling we conducted shows the strategies and hard work of our PACs helped win enough additional votes for pro-life candidates that it turned the election in our favor in some tight Senate races–and probably in the presidential race as well!

History will now be very different for the rights of the unborn because of National Right to Life! Imagine where we’d be without the power of NRL’s PACs to get out the pro-life vote.

But these great victories came at a great cost. Most of our fundraising efforts in 2016 understandably had to be conducted for those PACs, so they would have the resources to reach out to millions and millions of Americans and persuade them to vote for Life.

That means National Right to Life could do very little fundraising for our general work, or educational work.

And it would be a terrible irony for the unborn if we won all these elections, set up a situation where we now have the ability to pass more significant life-saving legislation, and do important educational campaigns, but didn’t have the money to do it.

That’s why National Right to Life is asking you to please consider making an extra-special gift for the unborn at the close of this year as we prepare for the great opportunities ahead in 2017. This is so important at this critical time in the history of our movement for unborn lives!

This link gives you the opportunity to give to save unborn babies’ lives in two ways: Donations to the National Right to Life Committee strengthen our grass-roots work for life, our three thousand local Right to Life chapter, and our work in Congress and in state legislatures to pass life-saving laws. Because of that work to pass laws, donations to the NRL Committee are not tax-deductible.

Or you can give to the National Right to Life Educational Foundation, which does pro-life educational and outreach work to women, young people, teachers and other professionals to build a Culture of Life. Donations to the NRL Educational Foundation are fully deductible.

If you prefer to give by mail or phone instead of online, you may do so by mailing National Right to Life at its offices at 512 10th Street NW in Washington D.C. 20004, or by phoning 202-626-8813.

Our wonderful supporters have already done so much this year to make these pro-life victories possible. Many lives can and will be saved. It is our hope that we can all continue that support to see this through to even greater victories for the unborn in the months and years ahead!

For all you do, and for your deep love and concern for God’s most vulnerable ones, may you and your family and loved ones have a very blessed Christmas and New Year. Thank you so much for all you did to make 2016 a year of successes for the unborn!