November NRL News continues to be read and shared with pro-life friends.

By Dave Andrusko, editor

nov2016frontcoverWhen we first posted the notice that the entire digital edition of National Right to Life News’ “Election Issue” could be read at, not surprisingly there was a rush of interest. We posted at just the right time to maximize the impact. We’d like to think that the hundreds of thousands of people who saw and read the “pro-life newspaper of record” online were motivated to pull the lever for pro-life Donald Trump.

You know the rest. Victory over pro-abortion Hillary Clinton, continuing pro-life leadership in both Houses of Congress, and a tidal wave of pro-life wins at the state level.

But there is much more in the latest issue of NRL News besides pre-election coverage.

There are many other stories that remind you how brave women and men refuse to give in when their unborn child is given a terrible prenatal diagnosis. Their courage, faithfulness, and refusal to give in is awe-inspiring.

For example, a baby born with just 2% of his brain is doing fine. Indeed Noah Wall’s brain has achieved near full function. His parents rejected counsel to abort.

Likewise LynLee Hope survived risky in utero surgery and is now thriving. “Born twice,” LynLee’s doctors told her mother she should abort.

NRLC’s Jennifer Popik explained the background to the unfortunate vote in Colorado to legalize assisted suicide. This is important as we know pro-death forces are always on the prowl.

Dr. Joel Brind offered a layman-friendly explanation of why and how an induced abortion increases the risk of breast cancer.

And there is much more.

Please continuing reading the November digital edition of National Right to Life News and pass the entire edition along using your social networks.

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