Trump takes narrow lead in Florida and Ohio, more Republicans following Mike Pence’s call “to come home to elect the Trump/Pence team to the White House”

By Dave Andrusko

donaldtrumpmikepence84Well, 13 days to go before we know whether pro-life Donald Trump or pro-abortion Hillary Clinton will be our 44th president. And 13 days before we know if pro-life Republicans maintain control of the United States Senate, an important bulwark should Planned Parenthood’s all-time favorite candidate prevail November 8.

What can we say with less than two weeks to go? First and foremost, that each and every one of us is able to say on November 9 that you did everything you can to prevent the Clintons from reoccupying the White House.

What are the latest developments? Nate Silver posted a tweet this morning that is hugely significant–one of those necessary but not sufficient conditions if we are to defeat Clinton. Borrowing from Gallup, Cohn tweeted that Trump’s favorability numbers among Republicans and Republican-leaners are at their highest since October 1: 71%.

What else does Gallup tell us? They asked respondents how much attention they were paying to the elections. Naturally the numbers are up for both parties as we are less than two weeks from the election.

But among those who say they are following the news “very closely,” Republicans/Republican-leaders are ahead by 10 points–53% to 43%.

The best short-term news comes out of Florida and Ohio, two states without which Trump cannot win. For the first time since the beginning of October, Trump leads by 2 points in Florida when Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Green are ahead and by one point head-to-head with Clinton.

What about Ohio? Trump is tied in the Suffolk University poll and up four points in the Remington Research poll which sampled almost four times as many people.

In Pennsylvania, which may prove to be the single most unpredictable state this election cycle, Trump is down just 3 points in the Remington Research poll and 4 points in the Emerson College survey.

Trump is up four points in the latest Des Moines Register (Iowa) poll.

The flipside is Clinton is ahead by 7 points in North Carolina in the New York Times/Sienna poll, albeit by only one point in the Monmouth University poll.

One other all-important note. Yesterday Silver posted this observation: “About 15 percent of the electorate isn’t yet committed to Clinton or Trump, as compared to just 5 percent who weren’t committed to President Obama or Mitt Romney at this point in 2012.”

A lot of people are still pondering their vote.

We will continue to keep you updated. Be sure to check each day.