Buenos Aires: Relentless dog befriends toddler with Down syndrome

By Lauren Enriquez

Editor’s note. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We’ve run this post before but it is so tender and received such a warm response from our readers, I thought we’d give our many new readers an opportunity to see it and to those who have already viewed it, a second chance to enjoy a truly inspirational story and video.

Hernán and Himalaya

Hernán and Himalaya

There’s a new A-team in Buenos Aires: meet Himalaya the Labrador and three-year-old Hernan. Hernan was born with Down syndrome, and, according to his mother, he is a very guarded little boy. He doesn’t connect very much with other people. But that didn’t stop the beautiful Labrador Himalaya from striking up a friendship.

A four-minute YouTube video, shared by Hernan’s mother, captures the scene as the new friendship was formed.

It took over three minutes of gentle interaction on Himalaya’s part before Hernan finally leaned in for a hug. But it was worth the wait: the video’s heartwarming ending is sure to have you hitting repeat, and sharing the story with friends and family. In a culture where Down syndrome children are often not recognized as the treasures that they are, stories like this one are encouraging.

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Editor’s note. This appeared at liveactionnews [http://liveactionnews.org/buenos-aires-relentless-dog-befriends-toddler-syndrome/] and is reposted with permission.