Donald Trump releases second list of candidates he would consider for the Supreme Court

By Dave Andrusko


“Donald Trump continues to take unprecedented steps to demonstrate that he intends to appoint justices like [Antonin] Scalia, [Clarence]Thomas, and [Samuel] Alito. Conservatives should be very pleased by the steps he has taken, and if he lives up to his promises we will have a Court that truly puts the rule of law ahead of political preferences,” said Carrie Severino, of the Judicial Crisis Network.

Trump has vowed on multiple occasions to nominate only pro-lifers to the Supreme Court. Hillary Clinton, by contrast, has stated unequivocally that she would nominate only candidates who support Roe v. Wade, the disastrous 1973 Supreme Court that invalidated the abortion laws of all 50 states and ushered in abortion on demand.

According to MSNBC, the list includes Mike Lee (U.S. senator from Utah), Neil Gorsuch (10th Circuit Court of Appeals), Margaret A. Ryan (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces), Edward Mansfield (Iowa Supreme Court), Keith Blackwell (Supreme Court of Georgia), Charles Canady (Supreme Court of Florida), Timothy Tymkovich (10th Circuit Court of Appeals), Amul Thapar (U.S. district judge), Federico Moreno (U.S. district judge), Robert Young (chief justice of the Supreme Court of Michigan).