Women need to know about pregnancy help centers which outnumber abortion clinics 4-1

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News.

new-pro-life-movie-voiceless-inreDid you know that for every abortion clinic there are at least four pregnancy help centers? Far more women live near life-affirming help than they may realize. There are countless reasons women may feel backed into a corner with their unexpected pregnancies and end up “choosing” abortion because they feel there are no other options.

But there are!

Over 2,600 pregnancy resource centers all over the country exist to help these women in all stages of pregnancy and beyond, trying to mitigate the perceived need for abortion.

They educate expectant moms on prenatal development, provide diapers and other essentials to moms who don’t have the resources to take care of their babies, walk arm-in-arm with hurting post-abortive mothers, care for women who are feeling afraid and ashamed, help dads learn how to be dads, educate teens in sexual risk avoidance, and much more.

Providing life-giving options is an eternally significant work.

Jamie is a mother of several children who felt she could not handle or support one more. Her desperation led her to an abortion clinic, but outside that clinic, kindness and innovation changed her world. Read her story here to find out how women working for a local pregnancy center saved the life of Jamie’s baby and gave her hope again.

Pregnancy centers all over the country are quietly and faithfully helping women choose life, and supporting them before, during, and after the decision—no matter their decision.

The movie Voiceless shows how ordinary people in ordinary places can make a difference by partnering with pregnancy help organizations to love vulnerable women.

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