What You Can Do Right Now to Help the Unborn!

notaxdollarsforabortionThe Associated Press carried an article Tuesday about 119 Democrats in the U.S. House who are sponsoring legislation to eliminate the Hyde Amendment.

According to the article, no Republicans have signed on as co-sponsors.

The Hyde Amendment is a policy in force for the past 40 years that says no taxpayer dollars can be used in programs like Medicaid to pay for elective abortions except in very rare circumstances.

In other words, the 119 House Democrats want to force you to start paying for abortions with your federal tax dollars, no matter what reasons of conscience or belief make you understand that abortion is morally indefensible.

There is something we can all do about this new threat to human life. First, follow the races in your area and know who the candidates are who oppose taxpayer funding of abortion.

But you don’t even have to wait until election day to help us stop this threat. Donate now to the National Right to Life Victory Fund to help elect candidates who support a full range of protections for the unborn, including NO taxpayer funding for these elective abortions.

Unborn babies need us to stand up for them now more than ever! Please vote, and please support the unborn with your generous donation today!