Media Message day in and day out: Elect Clinton, Destroy Trump

By Dave Andrusko

Donald  Trump

Donald Trump

This will be a very brief post, although I’m not sure anything better captures the double standard in media coverage of Donald Trump and pro-abortion Hillary Clinton.

According to AOL, Trump “released his first television ad of the general election Friday, sharing his dark take on what life would look like with Hillary Clinton as President.”

Well, yes, it is dark, 30 seconds of rapid-fire reasons that have nothing to do with our single-issue focus. But consider…

Is it possible that there is any vicious slur, any personal attack on Trump’s character, sanity, and/or commitment to elementary fairness that hasn’t aired free of charge in the “mainstream media” over and over and over and over again?

How does a single ad critiquing what Trump believes would be the consequences of electing the Matriarch of the International Abortion Establishment compare with the non-stop piling on at places like the Washington Post and the New York Times, outlets that are not the least bit embarrassed at running four and five op-eds battering Trump the same day?

At that doesn’t count the polluted stream of news “stories” from the media heavyweights who long ago gave up even pretending to be objective.

I am reminded of something said decades ago that perfectly captures the media crusade against Trump. Let me paraphrase:

Extremism in the defense of electing Hillary Clinton is no vice and moderation in the pursuit of destroying Donald Trump is no virtue.