PPFA’s Richards and NARAL’s Hogue tout Hillary Clinton’s absolute commitment to abortion

By Dave Andrusko

ilysehogue84We have written several times about Cecile Richards’ decision to at long last talk about her abortion. I argued that the likely explanation was she was flushed out by militants so radical Richards was afraid of being dubbed a “moderate.”

By now it’s routine for Richards to expound on her abortion, although her role at the Democratic National Convention was more about bashing Donald Trump and vouching for Clinton. As she said

As first lady, Hillary declared to the world that, “women’s rights are human rights.” …

As Secretary of State, she was a champion for women and girls around the globe.

And she will always stand up for Roe v. Wade and the right of every woman to access a full range of reproductive health care, including abortion, no matter her economic status.

Talking about her own abortion fell into the willing hands of NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Ilyse Hogue. Her remarks were hailed as nothing short of historic, a landmark–the first time a woman had talked about her abortion at a national political convention.

To those eager to “normalize” abortion and to demonstrate the Democrats’ complete capitulation to the outer fringes of the pro-abortion movement, Hogue 4 ½ minute long speech was a breakthrough.

For almost everyone else, it was also a sight to behold and depressing to hear.

Hogue began by announcing that she was a fourth generation Texan and that

Texas women are tough. We approach challenges with clear eyes and full hearts. To succeed in life, all we need are the tools, the trust, and the chance to chart our own path. I was fortunate enough to have these things when I found out I was pregnant years ago. I wanted a family, but it was the wrong time. I made the decision that was best for me – to have an abortion – and was able to get compassionate care at a clinic in my own community. Now, years later, my husband and I are parents to two incredible children.

What to say? I have no doubt that Texas women are tough. But this Texan evidently was not tough enough to spare an unborn child’s life if his/her presence came “at the wrong time.”

I am glad that she and her husband have “two incredible children.” I would be even more glad if she had three incredible children, whether that third child resided with them or with a loving couple that would have taken that first baby into their home.

But Hogue did us one favor, she was straightforward. She unambiguously explained the reason why that baby is dead: because that decision “was best for me.”

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