A “surprise guest” at the Democratic National Convention?

By Dave Andrusko

DNCstageI was just about to sit down to write a piece contrasting the Democrats’ platform on abortion with the Republicans’ platform on abortion, as far apart as the east is from the west, when a friend forwarded me a post about a mysterious “special guest” set to address the Democratic National Convention.

Even before I could read it, she emailed back that she realized it was satire. But at first glance, you wouldn’t necessarily put it past this particular band of Democrats assembling in Philadelphia and this presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The headline read, “DNC Crowd Erupts As Kermit Gosnell Gives Surprise Speech From Prison.” Who is Kermit Gosnell?

The West Philadelphia abortionist convicted of three counts of murder for delivering three babies alive and then silting their spinal cords. Amazingly, Gosnell remains swaddled in his own sense of bemused innocence.

Last year we reported how one of the two makers of a movie about Gosnell actually interviewed him for two hours. Here’s what I wrote

No, he doesn’t have a sense of guilt. Gosnell is convinced he is a hero to his community, a kind of civil rights leader in his own right, who provided a necessary service to poor women of color. Moreover is also persuaded (somehow) that he will one day get out of jail. In addition, if Gosnell has what most of us would consider to be a conscience, it has never been on display.

Would it really be beyond the realm of possibility that rumors of a “special surprise speaker” set to address the crowd on its final day turned out to be Gosnell?

When it comes to unborn babies, has any speaker given a hint that their conscience is troubled by over 59 million abortions and the prospect of a President Hillary Clinton packing the Supreme Court with congenial justices?

Granted, none would likely advocate severing spinal cords of babies delivered alive, but how many believe abortion survivors should be provided the types of care that would be provided to premature infants who are born spontaneously?

Most? No.

Many? No.

Virtually none? Yes.

Tomorrow we’ll return to comparing the respective abortion platforms of Republicans and Democrats.

In the meanwhile, I wonder if it’s possible….