Indiana woman charged with murder in asphyxiation death of newborn son

By Dave Andrusko

Mikayla Munn (Photo supplied/Indiana State Police)

Mikayla Munn (Photo supplied/Indiana State Police)

It will be morbidly fascinating to see how the abortion set spins this one.

The lead in the story by WANE-TV is hard to read:

NORTH MANCHESTER, Ind. Mikayla Munn found humor in the apparent drowning death of her moments-old infant and performed an Internet on at-home abortions while she was pregnant, according to court documents recently unsealed.

Munn, a former Manchester University student who was charged with murder this week after authorities said she killed her infant son shortly after he was born back in March, reportedly showed no remorse or distress for just having lost her baby – even laughing several times, according to lengthy probable cause affidavit.

According to Indiana State Police, Munn called 9/11 the afternoon of March 8. Manchester University safety officers found Munn in the bathtub with a baby boy she had just delivered who was not breathing. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

On the phone call, Munn told dispatchers that she had given birth in her bathtub, and that she had “fainted after giving birth” and there was “blood everywhere,” according to Makenzie Holland of the Elkhart Truth.

Police were suspicious “because of inconsistencies in the evidence related to what exactly took place.” According to the affidavit, an investigation ensued in which the North Manchester Police Department and Indiana State Police

found that an autopsy on Munn’s baby showed air in his tiny lungs, meaning the baby took a breath after birth and prior to his death. He was found floating face down in the tub.

Holland elaborates in her story: “According to medical professionals’ statements in the court documents, the child was ‘a full-term healthy baby with no abnormalities.’ The infant had liquid in his stomach and one lung filled with air, indicating he had been born alive and taken a breath. An autopsy of the infant was concluded as ‘death due to asphyxia due to drowning’ and ‘manner of death as homicide.’”

Police believe Munn waited 19 minutes after giving birth before calling 911, according to court documents.

As for not knowing she was pregnant, for months prior Munn sent text messages showing she knew she was. Holland reports

The investigation also revealed that Munn had searched the Internet for several things related to pregnancy during the nine months she was pregnant, records said, including “home abortions” and “water births.”

Munn has been charged with one count of murder and one count of neglect of a dependent causing death. Munn’s pretrial conference has been scheduled for August 15 with a jury trial scheduled for September 13.

Munn is currently in the Wabash County Jail.