Incensed by a law that wants to keep abortion clinics away from little children

By Dave Andrusko

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley

Every week we post at a minimum several stories on the campaign to “normalize” abortion, to send a message that abortion is practically as routine as brushing your teeth and certainly nothing to be ashamed of, let alone hide.

I’m guessing that is why abortionists and their protectors in the media are so incensed by a bill just signed into law by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.

To be clear, they’d have blood in their eyes even if SB 205, which prohibits the issuing or renewals of a health center license to facilities where abortions are performed within 2,000 feet of K-8 public schools, had come about before they launched campaigns such as “1 in 3” which rests on the discredited argument that by age 45, one in three women will have an abortion.

But they are hopping mad for multiple reasons, including because this sends an unmistakable message counter to their narrative: places that slaughter unborn children shouldn’t be nearby children who’ve managed to escape the tender mercies of Planned Parenthood.

Pro-abortionist instantly derided the law as placing on abortion clinics the same 2,000 foot restriction placed on registered sex offenders. Would they be less unhappy if the restriction were 1,000 feet from school zones–the distance unauthorized individuals are prohibited from knowingly possessing firearms? (That’s a rhetorical question, of course.)

Their 2,000 foot comparison is just a talking point which they think will divert people from pondering whether they want abortion clinics nearby their elementary-age children.

The ACLU says it will challenge SB 205 is because an abortion clinic in Huntsville and an abortion clinic in Tuscaloosa are both located within 2,000 feet of schools.

We live less than 2,000 feet from the elementary school all of our four children attended. We would not have been the only one incensed if Planned Parenthood moved one of its killing factories a stone’s throw from where our children were schooled.