Cruz maintains 10 point lead over Trump in Wisconsin, Sanders up on Clinton by 5 points

By Dave Andrusko

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the nomination processes for both the Republican and Democratic parties seemed to be almost on automatic pilot. Not so, anymore.

As NRL News Today wrote on Thursday, while Donald Trump remains the frontrunner in having the most convention delegates, he has lost his lead in Wisconsin whose primary is April 5. Trump trailed Sen. Ted Cruz in two polls, by 5 and 10 points respectively.

One of two new polls [Fox Business] shows Cruz with the same ten point lead–in this case 42% to 32%–with Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 19% .

“Among just those who say they will ‘definitely’ vote, Cruz’s lead over Trump widens to 46-33 percent, and Kasich gets 16 percent,” reported Fox Business’ Dana Blanton.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The outlier in recent polling comes from Public Policy Polling (PPP) which found Cruz with only a one point lead–38% to 37%.

Here is Steve Benen’s explanation:

Keep in mind, looking at the overall averages, the evidence suggests Trump isn’t necessarily collapsing in Wisconsin – in fact, his base of support is actually inching a little higher. Rather, it seems he’s nearing his ceiling in the state, and Cruz is benefiting now that the Republican field is narrowing. (For a while, Marco Rubio was a strong second-place contender in the Badger State. With the senator now out, his supporters did not move to Trump, at least not in this state.)

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Right to Life PAC this week said it “supports Ted Cruz as the only presidential candidate with a proven record on life who can win.”

“There has never been an election more important than this election, and the stakes have never been higher when it comes to protecting the unborn,” stated Chelsea Shields, PAC Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “There is only one candidate for president who has always been pro-life, who has a 100% pro-life voting record with National Right to Life and Wisconsin Right to Life, and who can win the Republican nomination and defeat pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in November. And that candidate is Ted Cruz.”

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Over on the Democratic side, Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ modest lead over Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin continues to grow. From one point to three points to five and six points, in the two new polls.

In the Fox Business poll Sanders was ahead 48% to 43%. In the PPP poll, Sanders was up 49% to 43%. In the last round, all caucuses, Sanders swept Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii.

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