Miscarried at 12 weeks, baby Noah is changing minds about abortion

By Becky Yeh

babynoah-672x372-1A stunning image of a baby boy, miscarried at 12 weeks gestation, is powerfully changing hearts and minds about abortion. Last year, Lara Price, shared the moving photo of her son, Noah, demonstrating the obvious humanity of preborn children in the womb and the brutality of abortion.

The image, which displays Noah’s perfectly formed little fingers, toes, and newly developing tiny face and body, is giving individuals a firsthand encounter with the humanity of the preborn child— and it is changing hearts and minds in the process.

“It’s a blessing to see his picture being used,” Price told Live Action News. “I’ve heard of stories of people who sent me e-mail messages and Facebook messages, saying people changed their minds [about abortion].”

At 12 weeks gestation, Noah’s reflexes were quickly developing. He could open and close his tiny fingers, clench his mouth, and move around in his mother’s womb. Noah’s obvious humanity is one reason why Price said she decided to share him with the world.

“This is what your baby looks like— this is what he actually looks like,” Price said. “It is always going to be the better choice to give birth to your child.”

Price says when Noah’s story was first published, a woman with her same name wrote to a pro-life publication that had printed Price’s story. The mother, who was also 12 weeks pregnant, had seen the image and decided she would carry her baby to term, whom she also named Noah.

That story is among many that Price has heard, as her son’s image continues to impact the world. Now, Price is lending Noah’s photo as part of a new project to educate individuals on the reality of abortion procedures. The project, created by Live Action, features former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, who describes what truly occurs during the most common abortion procedures.

Most abortions in the U.S. occur in the first trimester, when babies Noah’s same age and size — and younger— are killed through the aspiration, or suction, D&C procedure.

Price is sharing Noah’s image in the Abortion Procedures project because she has seen the impact Noah’s life has made. She wants others to see the inherent humanity and dignity of children at such a young age.

The preciousness of Noah’s life not only resonates deeply with Price because of her miscarriage, but because of her own personal struggle with abortion.

Although Price was raised in a pro-life home and was very active in the movement, she found herself pregnant at the age of 18.

“I’ve always considered myself completely pro-life; however when I was 18, I was pregnant with my first and I wasn’t married,” Price explained.

She heavily weighed the decision, and in the end, decided to give her now 14-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, a chance at life. Price says the experience has strengthened her stance on the value of every human life, regardless of the circumstance.

“No matter what your circumstances are, this is a life,” Price affirmed.

Now, she takes that message to those around her by sharing Noah’s photo wherever she goes. In one instance, Price shared the photo with two clerks who were discussing abortion at her local retail store. She recalls that one clerk began sobbing as she shared how she, too, refused abortion while still on the operating table. Her son is now 18.

The number of individuals impacted by Noah’s image has brought tremendous hope and healing to a tragic situation. Despite the loss, Price says she is seeing the difference that Noah made during his short life.

“[Noah] was loved, and he was always loved, and in spite of not having him here, he’s still a blessing.”

Editor’s note. This appeared at liveactionnews.org and is reprinted with permission.