[Dis]Honest Questions about abortion

By Dave Andrusko

PBSNewsHourdebateIf I said to you, “This is the headline from a relentlessly pro-abortion site, ‘Stop Playing Word Games: Debate Moderators Must Ask Honest Questions About Abortion ,‘” what would you expect from the story?

Me, too. A story that represents word games on steroids and flush with loaded questions.

Which is fine, I suppose. Jodi Jacobson is editor in chief of RH Reality Check and surely she could conjure up questions that protect pro-abortion Democrats. But at least they would be engaged, which heretofore in the five Democratic debates they have not.

But, surprise, surprise, the eight “honest questions about abortion” are only for pro-life Republicans. (Check that, there is one at the very end for “pro-choice politicians.” Well, that’s fair.)

Let me just take two of the hypothetical questions Jacobson poses, the first and the last, and then deconstruct them.

Question One: Do you trust people to make decisions about pregnancy and childbirth that are best for their families? If not, why not?”

Translation. If you do not simply nod your head in mute agreement, you obviously think women are idiots. Don’t you know that the over 1 million abortions each and every year have as their outcome what’s “best for their families”? (Minus the child, of course, who doesn’t get to ask questions at RHRealityCheck.org, or the talk shows, or the debates.)

Question Eight: For pro-choice politicians: Do you see abortion as a fundamental issue of human rights or do you see being ‘pro-choice’ as a campaign strategy only to be ignored once you’ve been elected?”

Translation. We already know that pro-abortion politicians will do everything in their power to multiply the number of abortions (there are never enough abortions…ever) and to derail pro-life legislation at every chance. Just tell us, sort of publicly, that you agree that there is never, ever an abortion that should be banned. Then we will be happy.

“Honest questions”? Please.