Another historical step for the unborn

unbornbaby90rePro-lifers understand history.

We understand history because we fight for it every day. Every time we save a life, we are potentially creating generations and generations of lives that wouldn’t otherwise exist. The lives we are saving are literally changing the future of the world!

We also understand that the fight for the Right to Life follows certain historical patterns of other great causes before us.

So we understand that when we pass a law to ban late abortions in one of the states, we are paralleling our historical cousins who passed laws to end slavery in their states. When we see abortion numbers fall sharply, we know we are saving lives just as other noble charitable projects worked to reduce life-stealing hunger and disease.

Today an important historical step occurred on our road to returning protection to the unborn. It won’t lead to a new law – not yet – but it is an important victory nonetheless.

Today, pro-lifers got as close as we’ve come to eliminating virtually all federal funding of Planned Parenthood, and also to repealing major anti-life provisions of Obamacare. Working strategically with pro-life leaders in Congress, we won important votes on the floors of the House and Senate, employing a rarely used procedural technique called Budget Reconciliation to get the bill that we call the “pro-life budget reconciliation bill” to the president’s desk.

That Barack Obama chose to veto the bill, and today got enough of his Democratic House members to vote to uphold his veto, doesn’t end the issue. Not at all.

What it does is to show America what we need to advance from this important step to ultimate enactment: a pro-life president in 2017 who will not veto the bill.

It’s that simple.

Unborn babies face a historical turning point in the 2016 elections. If America elects another pro-abortion president, more vetoes of pro-life bills, more pro-abortion Supreme Court justices, more abortions lie ahead. But if a pro-lifer can win the White House, pro-life laws and more many innocent lives saved from abortion will follow.

National Right to Life does more than any other organization to inform Americans where the candidates stand on the issue of abortion. A strong National Right to Life Committee is needed now more than ever to ensure that Americans get this information, and that citizens around the country know what is at stake for the unborn.

Please give generously to the National Right to Life Committee now and throughout 2016. You’d be amazed to know that a gift of $100 lets us reach thousands of additional Americans with a pro-life message of where the candidates stand. $50 or $35 will help us reach hundreds.

And that can make an enormous difference for a child . . . and as we continue our march toward building a pro-life America, for hundreds of thousands of children!

Please give so we can continue to advance the kind of pro-life policies that truly make a difference – the kind that directly save the lives of innocent unborn children threatened by abortion!

Thank you and God bless you for caring


Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President