Another context-free, promotional poll for Planned Parenthood, courtesy of USA Today

By Dave Andrusko

senatedefundPPreTalk about cause and effect.

On Thursday, the United States Senate approved H.R. 3762, a bill that will block approximately 89% of all federal funding to Planned Parenthood – about $400 million in the next year.

For those who may have forgotten, last October the U.S. House voted 240-189 in favor of the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act.

So with PPFA batting oh for two in Congress, what could you know was coming?

How about a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll that appeared today, the intent of which is to “prove” that the House and Senate are completely out of whack with the public.

The story’s second sentence reads

By 58%-33%, those surveyed Wednesday through Sunday said the group’s funding shouldn’t be eliminated.

So, let’s take a moment to dissect the poll which, by the way, the USA Today story does not link to.

First and foremost, as we wrote back in October, “If you want to get the ‘right’ answers about PPFA, ask loaded questions”. That applies again.

What was asked? “Should federal funding for Planned Parenthood be eliminated?”

Not “Should federal funding for the largest abortion provider be reallocated to community health centers.” Or even something in between.

So what? Even after multiple undercover videos, an awful lot of Americans do not know that PPFA aborts 320,000+ babies each and every year. They don’t know that government funding make up 41% of PPFA’s $1.3 billion (that’s billion with a “b”) in revenues. And they don’t know that when they believe they are talking with people as desensitized as they are, PPFA officials make utterances so cavalier, so devoid of basic human empathy towards their victims, it makes your jaw drop.

Moreover, a great many people hear only one side–the PPFA side–in any discussion of health care services for women. They can be forgiven if they think that if money does not go to PPFA, women lose out. They don’t. The federal funding goes to community health centers that don’t get involved in abortion.

We won’t rehash here what we’ve written about on many occasions. And that is simply that PPFA’s popularity has greatly diminished.

When Gallup polled in 1989, 82% of Americans had a favorable impression of Planned Parenthood. A September 2015, poll found 47% of Americans had a favorable opinion and 31% an unfavorable opinion of PPFA. In July the numbers were 45%-30%.

When I get the actual polling wording, we’ll take a second look at the latest USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll.

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